What Song is This? Best Apps to Identify any Song

With the rapid change in the technology, every industry is adapting the new trends. The Music Industry has changed a  lot too. With the increase in the invention and innovation of the new technologies, the Music Industry evolving too. From the time when smartphones came on the market, the music industry is going digital day-by-day. Nowadays, it is possible to find a song without knowing the name of the song or the artist. It is one of the great thing happened to the music industry, and now more people can search for the new songs without knowing the lyrics of the songs.

There are many smartphones apps available for you to find any song just by humming the tune of the song. If you ever got the question, What Song is this?, then all you have to do is to open any of these Smartphone or web apps to identify the songs online. In this post, we are sharing a list of best and amazing Song Finder apps for smartphones.


Best Song Finder Apps and Websites

What Song is This? | Best Song Finder Apps for Smartphones

  • Shazam:-

The Shazam needs no special introduction to our readers. The Shazam is one of the best music recognition apps. The Shazam has the massive database of the songs and brilliant algorithm to suggest you some of the best songs related to your interests. To find any song without knowing its lyrics, you have to open Shazam and play the recorded song. The Shazam app will find that song for you from its massive database. Each and Every song on this planet is available in the Shazam library.

The Shazam has a Free version, which allows you to find only five songs per month. But, the premium plan comes with unlimited tracking that comes with the price tag of $4.99/-. The Shazam is available to access on Android, iOS, Mac and Windows.

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  • Midomi:-

If you are surfing the internet from your computer and the question pops in your mind! What song is this? What are the lyrics of the Song?. if this issue pops in your mind, then you just have to open the Midomi. The Midomi is one of the best and neatly organized music library. The Midomi Website allows you to Sing or hums the song through the  Microphone, and it’ll find that specific song for you. If you have any pre-recorded audio of the song, them Midomi will locate the song instantaneously. If you want to find any song, then don’t forget to check out the Midomi website.

Visit Midomi

  • MusixMatch:-

The MusixMatch app helps you to find the Songs by typing the lyrics. If you know a bit of lyrics of any song, then you can type the words and app will locate the song for you. The MusixMatch app doesn’t support the voice recognition, but the typing the lyrics is also and convenient option to know which song is this?.

With the MusixMatch app, you can check out the lyrics of any song you are playing. If you want to save the lyrics of any song, you can save it to read it while listening to the song. The MusixMatch app is available on Google Play Store, Apple App Store and Windows Store for free.


  • SpotSearch:-

The SpotSearch is another fantastic song finder app available for finding any song on the internet. The SpotSearch takes lyrics as input from the user and then searches song library to find the song. It is one of the best Song Finder applications for both computers and smartphones. The SpotSearch has shared a library with Spotify so that you can be sure of the massive library of the songs.

The SpotSearch is a web application and a iOS app. You can visit SpotSearch website to use it on PC or find the iOS app on Apple Store. It is not available for the Android Smartphones.


  • Melody Catcher:- 

The Melody Catcher is an advanced website to find any song based on its tune or melody. If you are a musician and want to know if the song you just created exists or not, then, this site is helpful for you. The Melody Catcher takes the Piano/Keyboard tune as the input and then find the songs based on the melody.

If you are a musician, then this site will help you a lot while composing any song. You can visit Melody Catcher website to start finding the songs.

  • Musipedia:-

The Musipedia is also a  similar site like Melody Catcher. But, the Musipedia has more features than the Melody Catcher. With Musipedia, you can whistle your tune into the microphone to find the name of any song. Otherwise, you can use melody or keyboard notes to find any song. Also, it supports the traditional text input to find any song for you.

The Musipedia is an excellent website if you are desperately want to find an answer to the question, Which song is this?.  Visit Musipedia.

  • WatZatSong:-

If the computer  algorithms fail to find the song for you, then the humans who have great taste in music will help you. The WatZatSong means What is that song is the community which helps other to find the songs just from the audio clip. If you have a loosely recorded audio clip of the song, have a video in which the song plays in the background, or recorded the melody of the song, then you can upload it to WatZatSong community and others will help you to find the song.

As it is the global community, you can find any song irrespective of its origin. There is going to be someone to solve your problem. You can join the WatZatSong community here.


Wrapping it Up! 

If you have the question “What song is this?”, Then these Song finder apps and websites will help you to get the answer. I hope you liked this post about Best Song Finder apps for finding the songs with Lyrics, Melody or voice input. If you have any other app which deserves a place in this list, then please comment down below.

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